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Xtreme Lashes at Cayenne Beauty Bar

If you are looking for top quality, professionally applied eyelashes at an affordable price, Cayenne Beauty Bar has one of the few certified stylist in Hampton Roads by Xtreme Lashes. Katya Dahdah offers years of excellent service and experience to people of all ages looking for fuller and more beautiful lashes. 

Xtreme Lashes are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are single or multiple stands of synthetic eyelashes applied to a single natural eyelash, creating a longer, fuller, and dark lash look. With hundreds of lengths, thickness, lash curvatures, and colors to choose from, Cayenne Beauty Bar can customize a set of semi-permanent lashes specifically to your eyes!


Before and After Eyelash Extensions

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How Eyelash Extensions are Applied


Eyelash extensions application: a short introduction from Xtreme Lashes. Single stands of synthetic lashes are applied one by one to your natural lashes for longer, thicker, fuller lashes. A painless and worry-free beauty treatment, providing instant gratification with lasting results.

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Are Xtreme Lashes Safe?

Xtreme Lashes products are developed to the highest of standards of safety. Lash stylist at Cayenne Beauty Bar are credentialed health and beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous training and evaluation. 

How Do I Prepare for the Application?

Do not curl your eyelashes or wear mascara the day of your appointment. Ensure that your eyelashes and eyes are makeup-free, clean, and dry. If you are a contact lense wearer, remove your contacts prior to the application and bring prescription glasses to wear during the first hours after the application.

How Long is the Application?

Depending on the number of eyelash extensions applied, a full set (approx. 70-100) may take 90-180 minutes. Relash appointments, or lash refills, every 2-4 weeks after, may take 45-90 minutes. During the procedure, your recline comfortable with your eyes closed. Many women refer to it as their “midday beauty rest.”

How Long Do Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Last?

Indefinitely with routine Relash appointments. Typically, you lose and eyelash extension every time a natural eyelash sheds. With routine relash appointments, new extensions can be applied to new natural eyelashes to maintain the original look. 

5 Benefits of Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

  • 1. Instant gratification with lasting results
  • 2. A youthful transformation after one relaxing appointment 
  • 3. Customizable (natural or dramatic) to your eyes
  • 4. Water resistant. Shower, swim, and spa worry-free
  • 5. Weightless, comfortable to wear, and easy to maintain

Eyelash Extension Cost

Xtreme Lashes cost vary per the clients needs. With so many styles and options to choose from, book a consultation with our certified stylist to see how much eyelash extension prices will be for you. 

Eyelash Extension Removal

If you chose to have your eyelashes removed, we recommend you to come see your stylist and have them professionally removed to mitigate any possible irritation.

Eyelash Extensions Natural Look

Your Xtreme Lashes will look and feel so real, you will forget they are extensions. Live your normal life with our extensions as they are waterproof and spa-proof. 

Eyelash Extension Styles

With so many different styles and options to choose from, you will own your own unique look with Xtreme Lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Conveniently located in Newport News, Virginia, off Highway 17, Cayenne Beauty Bar extends an invitation from our family to yours. Perfect your look at our locally owned and operated Beauty Spa. 

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