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Your skin is a very sensitive organ. During the winter months, even oily skin can succumb to the low temperatures and lack of humidity in the air. Maintaining healthy skin is investing in your well-being. Your face is most often exposed to these temperatures and can often be harmed the most.  Silky smooth, healthly skin is just a click away, schedule your free consultation below!

Facials for Hyperpigmentation 

Anti-Aging Facial

Hyperpigmentation, or more commonly known as sunspots, are very common the more you are exposed to the elements. This facial is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Using infused treatments, you can reclaim the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

    • » Purpose: Anti-Aging, Skin Renewal, Hyperpigmentation
    • » Cost: Varies by Client
    • » Treatment Time: 1 hour+ | Varies by Client

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures Can and Will Drain Moisture Away From Your Skin Regardless of your Skin Type.

Facials for Rosacea 

Anti-Aging Facial

Pairing your customized facial treatment with our state-of-the-art technology, Cayenne offers advanced laser light therapy to treat rosacea. This is a non-invasive treatment that is FDA cleared. Read more about IPL treatment here.

    • » Purpose: Treat the symptoms and appearance of rosacea 
    • » Cost: Varies by Client
    • » Treatment Time: 1 hour+ | Varies by Client

Detoxify and clear your skin of blackheads, whiteheads, and stubborn acne.

Facials for Acne 

Detoxifying and Clearing Facial

Every person’s skin is unique. It is important to understand and break down the root cause of your acne and how we can treat it. Especially during the winter months. Dry and oily skin can lead to severe outbreaks. A deep cleansing facial paired with routine moisturizing, can tremendously improve your acne.

    • » Purpose: Deep cleanse of the pores to exfoliate buildup and prevent acne
    • » Cost: Varies by Client
    • » Treatment Time: 1 hour+ | Varies by Client

Facial Treatment FAQ's

How Effective is a Facial?


After completing a facial, your skin will feel smooth, clean, and fresh. While everyone has their own unique skin type, we can break them down into four categories – Normal, Dry, Oily, or Combination. During your consultation with one of our certified estheticians, we will determine your skin type and recommend a facial that best fits your specific needs. 

When Should I get a Facial?


Whether you looking to receive a facial for pleasure or to help treat a skin condition/acne, there is no bad time to get a facial. A deep facial cleansing will help make your face feel rejuvenated and baby soft. Many people like to receive a facial when they feel their face is dirty or clogged up.

Should I Do a Facial on the Same Day as an Event, or After?


It is recommended to wait two days after a facial for the most profound effects to be visible. In addition, if the event is outside, this will give your face time to recuperate as facials will make your skin sensitive, especially to sunlight.  

What are the Side Effects of a Facial?


The only side-effects a person may experience are allergy based. It is important to notify your esthetician of any existing allergies to prevent any allergic reaction. Cayenne offers many different products and treatments, if you are allergic to a specific or ingredient, we can safely find an alternative!

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