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Intense pulsed light is a very sophisticated technology that is used commonly in the medical and cosmetic industry. This is used to perform very complex skin treatments, therapeutic purposes, and even things as common as hair removal. However, IPL is also used to help with photo rejuvenation and other dermatologic diseases such as cystic acne, dark hyperpigmentation, and vascular lesions.

Benefits of Skin Treatment Using IPL

  • -Tightens Pores
  • -Reduces Severity of Acne
  • -Helps Treat Sunspots
  • -Minimizes Hyperpigmentation
  • -Benefits Skin Flushing and Redness of Skin
  • -Diminishes Scars
  • -Decreases Lines and Wrinkles
  • -Helps Treat Sun Damage

Before and After Acne Treatment Using IPL

Acne treatment before and after

IPL Rosacea Before and After

Before After IPL Rosacea Before and AfterIPL Rosacea Before and After
Before After

Treating Mild, Moderate, and Severe Acne

Using different laser intensity levels with our state of the art Viora technology, we can treat any complexion levels, from fair skin to dark skin.

When Can I See Results?

Most clients can expect to see results after just one session! While this is the case for most, different skin complexions may see results over a different time period based of the severity and intensity needed during the treatment.

Does IPL Treatment Hurt?

At Cayenne Beauty Bar, we use the most recent, sophisticated, and readily available technology to ensure the most comfortable and painless procedure for all of our clients. Using the V-IPL hand piece, our treatment has cooling technology before and after the laser pulse to calm and sooth your skin. While other practices use traditional laser technologies that are outdated rather painful, we pride ourself in offering the most comfortable experience available for intense pulse light laser therapy.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Most clients typically receive 8 sessions over the course of the treatment. Some clients may need more depending on skin pigmentation and the severity of the acne.

How Long Do IPL Treatments Last?

One maintenance sessions are recommended every 3-6 months or as required but we can always cater to your specific needs.

How Much Does IPL Cost?

Acne and other conditions caused by sun exposure to clogged pores affect all age groups. To keep this technology available to all age groups, we discuss the cost of our treatment during your primary consultation. Click here to book your appointment today! There is no need to wait for weeks for your initial consultation. Cayenne Beauty Bar can offer same-day or next-day consultations depending on availability!

Acne Treatment Near Me

Cayenne Beauty Bar has a state-of-the-art med spa to offer the most sophisticated and non-invasive treatment options for your beauty needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we look forward to working with you! Check out our latest post’s on Facebook to see our most recent success stories.