Microblading in Newport News

A Modern Solution for Beautiful Skin

Microblading: Express the very most crucial feature of your facial expression.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo to fill your eyebrows with a luscious, full look without the need for eyebrow pens, gels, or other temporary solutions. 

Save countless hours by not having to worry about applying countless beauty products to give you a radiant, eye catching look. This procedure is commonly used by males and females alike. 

Because microneedling is a semi-permanent tattoo, you will awake with perfect eyebrows first thing in the morning. With limited hours in the day, this treatment will make your morning routine faster and less of a hassle. 

Cayenne Beauty Bar offers Hampton Roads’s some of the most experienced estheticians to expertly craft your unique look while operating in a safe, sterile environment. 

Mircoblading Before and After

Microblading Healing Process

What to do after Microblading:

  • – Do not get your face damp. Liquids can affect the bonding process. This could cause the ink to fade faster. 
  • – Do not pick at or peel your skin during the healing process. 
  • – Do not use any cosmetic products the first two weeks of your treatment. This includes any creams or moisturizers. 
  • – Do not alter your brows during the healing process. 
  • – Take extra care of your face from the elements. Try not to expose your brows to any harsh elements. 
  • – Talk with your esthetician for more safety and information for after care treatment.

Microblading Near Me

Cayenne Beauty Bar brings Newport News the newest, most advanced microblading technology available. This procedure is relatively painless. This procedure is non-invasive and relativly quick. You can get back to your day in no time at all.  Click the link below to call us and book a free consultation today!